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9 facts you can use to recognize a reputable tantric massage

Seriöse Tantramassage

Have you always wondered how you can recognize a reputable tantric massage? The website doesn't always tell you what to expect.

Many providers hide their faces, show themselves in their profile or don't even have any photos online. Information about serious tantric massage is also scarce.

Below you can find out what you should look out for before booking an appointment.

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1. Does the person show their face?

If you land on a website where the tantric masseuse or tantric masseur does not show their face, you can be pretty sure that it is not a serious tantric massage, but rather an erotic massage.

Those who truly live their vocation have nothing to hide and can show themselves in public. You should also be suspicious if the person is wearing lingerie or has been photographed in an erotic setting.

2. Is it a reputable tantric massage website?

There are an incredible number of bad tantric massage websites. Either the design is totally old-fashioned or the website looks so obviously like an erotic massage that the term tantric massage simply doesn't apply.

Generally, lighter colors and a certain amount of information look serious. The photos should also be appealing and not outdated.

Is the guest informed about what a tantric massage is and roughly what the procedure is like? If this information is completely missing, skepticism is appropriate.

3. Are training courses listed?

The term tantric massage is not protected by law. There are people who do a weekend course and then offer serious tantric massages.

Still others assume that a certain private talent for touch is enough to become a tantra masseuse or tantra masseur. I don't want to deny that there are natural talents. However, in my opinion, these people should rather offer erotic massages that have a clear goal - namely to bring the person to climax.

A tantric massage is a fine art and needs to be learned professionally. It is not for nothing that training at Diamond Lotus in Berlin takes two to three years. Personally, it was important to me to do the full training and I haven't regretted it for a second.

For a tantric massage to be successful, a number of factors need to be taken into account. Just think about whether you would go to a hairdresser who cuts your hair without adequate training.

In a tantra massage training course, people deal intensively with their own sexuality and learn a great deal that is not visible at first glance, but is clearly noticeable during a professional tantra massage.

4. Trusted Bodywork and TMV

If you choose a tantric massage from a provider who is listed on the Trusted Bodywork website or with the Tantric Massage Association, you can be sure that the person has undergone professional training.

5. Does the person appeal to you?

Even if a serious tantra massage is about you and not about the tantra masseuse or tantra masseur, it is still important that you like the person. We all read faces and decide in a split second whether we like a person or not.

A tantric massage requires a great deal of trust, which is why you should definitely trust your intuition. What does the person radiate? Do they seem warm and loving and can you hardly wait to put yourself in their hands?

The more likeable the tantric masseuse or tantric masseur is, the quicker you will relax and the more you will get out of a serious tantric massage.

6. Is the person living their calling?

As in all areas, you can also sense whether a person is passionate about serious tantric massage or not. If people only offer tantric massages for financial reasons, you won't get the full experience.

You will subconsciously have the feeling that you are just one or one of many, similar to an erotic massage. People who feel that tantric massages are their calling will bathe you in love in a completely different way than someone who simply wants to make money from it.

How can you tell if it's a person's vocation? Quite simply, a person who sees tantric massages as their calling will probably be passionate about sexuality and work in this field full-time.

At the latest during the preliminary talk, you will notice whether the person's eyes light up when they tell you what to expect from the tantric massage.

7. Cleanliness & hygiene

I have heard hair-raising stories from guests who have ended up with an erotic massage that was declared as a tantric massage. Honestly, if you feel disgusted as soon as you enter the studio and the whole atmosphere looks dubious and unclean, I would personally turn around immediately.

In a professional tantric massage studio, you will feel yourself relax as soon as you enter - just like in a nice yoga studio. It smells nice, the room is warm, you are offered something to drink and the whole ambience looks stylish and inviting.

Trust your intuition. If the studio seems dingy to you, it usually is. However, this has nothing to do with a serious tantric massage.

8. Professionalism of the tantra masseuse or tantra masseur

The tantric masseuse's or tantric masseur's personal problems have no place in a professional tantric massage. If the person tells you about their problems during the preliminary talk instead of giving you their full attention, you are definitely at the wrong address.

The focus should be on you at all times and the person should only talk about themselves if it is helpful and useful to you or if you explicitly ask them about their experiences.

9. What language is used?

In a professional tantric massage, there is never any mention of a happy ending. If this term is used on the website or in the preliminary talk, you can be pretty sure that you have ended up with an erotic massage declared as a tantric massage.

A serious tantric massage has no goal, even if pleasure is of course welcome. While an erotic massage is specifically aimed at bringing you to climax, a tantric massage allows whatever you want to flow.


Ultimately, this checklist can of course only be a subjective guide. Rely on your feelings when looking at the picture of the tantric masseuse or tantric masseur and the welcome words you hopefully wrote yourself and check in the preliminary talk whether you feel comfortable in the tantric massage studio and with the person who is about to massage you.

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