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Tantric massage Hamburg for women

Tantramassage für Frauen

A tantric massage for women is always a worthwhile experience. The reasons for this are very different: among others, women come to me who have never had an orgasm or for whom penetration is always associated with pain.

Some women also lack access to their femininity, whether due to traumatic experiences, challenges related to gender identity or other individual reasons.

Still others have already explored their bodies quite well and are simply curious about a tantric massage for women. For us women, it is infinitely healing to experience unintentional touch.

Table of contents

Classic tantric massage versus dynamic tantric massage for women

How does dynamic tantra massage for women work?

Dynamic tantra massage for women with trauma

What other differences are there to classic tantra massage for women?

Discover the magic of the G-surface

Classic tantra massage versus dynamic tantra massage for women

For many years, I practiced a very classic tantric massage: in other words, as the recipient, you surrendered to my touch and became completely absorbed in your own space. The more I dealt with the topic of trauma, the less coherent this approach became for me.

What if the recipient of the tantric massage for women goes into dissociation during the genital touch? How can I really be sure that the touch offered is exactly what the recipient wants?

These are just some of the questions I have asked myself over the years. What's more, we women are cyclical creatures - what felt good yesterday may be completely different tomorrow. Learning dynamic tantric massage for women with Nhanga Ch. Grunow has opened up a whole new chapter for me. The renowned Perlentor approach to tantra massage for women is THE bridge that I was missing in classical tantra massage for women.

How does the dynamic tantric massage for women work?

The dynamic women's massage is also a tantric massage, which means that your entire body is touched. It includes an extensive yoni massage. The big difference to the classic tantric massage is that we are in close contact and verbal exchange during the entire massage.

Dynamic tantric massage for women: The power of communication

During the dynamic tantric massage for women, I regularly ask you how it feels to be touched. This has several advantages: Firstly, you are present during the massage and don't allow touches to wash over you that don't actually do anything for you. Secondly, you learn how to express yourself in more pleasurable situations. We women often find it difficult to communicate during intimate touch.

In addition, we often don't have a map of our womb area in our heads. As our genitals are on the inside and we don't consciously see and touch our vulva every day, we often have no idea what it looks like. You are an active part of the experience during the dynamic women's massage. I will repeatedly ask you to move, breathe and describe what you feel.

Get to know your womb area

You learn which points there are in your womb area, how they feel and we are in constant contact about what is good for you. Maybe you need more pressure, maybe less. Some women prefer faster touches, some slower. And all of this can change at any moment. If I'm not communicating with you, I have no choice but to trust my intuition. This usually works quite well, but there is no certainty. 

Dynamic tantric massage for women as a somatic field of practice

Dynamic women's massage is a somatic field of practice. It is a great opportunity for you to actively and consciously perceive how the respective touches feel. Experience the power of self-empowerment, which we women often still find difficult. It's time to take the reins of our pleasure and joy into our own hands and learn how to express ourselves during intimate contact WITHOUT going into our heads.

How do I communicate without getting lost in my mind?

Maybe that's your fear, especially if you're a woman who finds it hard to switch off. But I can reassure you: Communication during intimacy can be learned relatively easily and feels natural after a short time. I will support you with a lot of patience along the way.

Dynamic tantric massage for women with trauma

If there is trauma in your womb space, it can be extremely stressful to be present throughout the dynamic women's massage. But this is exactly where the healing lies, as I know from my own experience. If you drift off in your mind, you are simply repeating what helped you to survive in that particular situation. But we live in the here and now!

What once happened to you should not shape your current sexuality.

With the dynamic women's massage, we don't give trauma a chance. You stay present in the here and now - and yes, it can be painful for a short time. Some feelings simply need to be felt again before they can dissolve. I am with you throughout the entire process and accompany you through difficult physical experiences with all my knowledge, my presence and my many years of experience.

And - very importantly - dynamic tantric massage for women is not about feeling pain. When pain is felt, I work with indirect vibration, which is transmitted into the womb area via my finger or hand. Tense muscles LOVE vibration! Sometimes it only takes a few seconds for the tissue to relax and the pain to subside. Incidentally, this is also a real game changer during lovemaking and you should definitely give it a try.

What other differences are there to the classic tantric massage for women?

During the classic tantric massage for women, I was unclothed as a matter of principle. However, this may also feel strange if you are a woman attending a tantric massage for the first time. "Why is the masseuse naked?" or "Is this perhaps about something sexual after all?" - All these questions can arise and make you feel insecure.

Many women feel much safer and more comfortable when the tantric masseuse is clothed. And that's exactly why I wear something during the dynamic tantra massage for women. For me personally, by the way, this is also totally comfortable because clothing offers a certain energetic protection.

The lap work can go very deep and we are closely connected during the dynamic tantric massage for women. It is important that we separate our energy fields again afterwards so that everyone goes home with their own energy field. This may sound a bit spiritual, and you don't have to worry about it at all - I take care of the energetic protection for both of us before, during and after the dynamic tantra massage for women.

Dynamic tantric massage for women: Hygiene

Another difference to classic tantric massage is the use of gloves when it comes to massaging the orifices. There are different approaches here depending on the training. Ananda Wave, for example, is in favor of the use of gloves, while Diamond Lotus in Berlin, where I studied, is against it.

I massaged without gloves for many years and have now made the switch with complete conviction. It creates a safe feeling for you as a woman when your orifices are massaged WITH gloves. You don't need to be afraid at all that it will feel strange or that there will be a difference to tantric massage without gloves.

I use wafer-thin nitrile gloves, so you don't have to worry if you have a latex allergy. They give me just as much feeling as without gloves, but you simply don't have to worry about hygiene. I use high-quality, silicone-based personal lubricant for the massage, which is very gentle on your mucous membranes.

It all starts with a full body massage

In a dynamic tantric massage for women, I start by awakening your whole body with a variety of touches and a massage with warm, fragrant organic oil. I will bathe you in love from head to toe. Your breasts will also receive the attention they deserve, as they are the gateway to the yoni, so to speak.

The massage of the inner and outer lips of Venus and the clitoris is also very pleasant. The clitoris is a pure organ of pleasure and still far too often leads a shadowy existence, even though it can give us incredible sensations. Our yoni is full of erectile tissue that reacts intensely to pressure and unintentional massage.

How do I know if your yoni is ready for a tantric massage?

Of course, I will get your verbal permission to go deeper before I devote myself to the inside of your womb. A yoni opens like a flower when it is ready to receive. It may well be that you have never seen it so open before.

During self-love, I recommend that you pick up a mirror just before climax and admire your yoni in its full, open bloom.

Don't be afraid to ask your partner to slow down if he/she is about to penetrate you too soon. The more you devote yourself to your yoni and explore it, the more sensitivity you will develop for it.

Opening your yoni takes time

Penetration, whether with a finger, a dildo or a lingam, feels completely different when your yoni is in an open, receptive position. Unfortunately, there is still very little awareness in our culture of the slower yin energy of women, which can take 30 to 40 minutes to start flowing.

The male yang energy, on the other hand, is ignited very quickly and wants immediate gratification unless the man has learned to control himself and get the woman's water energy flowing. During the dynamic tantric massage for women, I will ask you to actively 'rock' my finger in with your pelvis.

The yoni reacts to pressure, not to in-and-out movements

If your yoni wants to receive my finger, I invite you on a journey of discovery together. I will not make any quick in-and-out movements, which you have probably already experienced enough of. Incidentally, this is an absurdity because the yoni reacts to pressure in particular, which too many men (and women) don't know. Instead, I touch certain points in your yoni with my finger and hold them for several minutes at a time. It may well be that points that trigger strong emotions are touched during a tantric massage for women.

Pain points in the womb area

Many women have pain points in their womb area, whether due to careless lovers, premature penetration, incompatible penis sizes, childbirth, trauma and much more. By holding different points for a long time and encouraging you to breathe in between, the pent-up energy can be released. You may get angry, cry or laugh spontaneously. Your emotions are welcome and will be held by me in a safe space.

You are safe and secure in the tantric massage for women

I will be by your side in a mindful presence and accompany you on your journey into your womb space, which can be quite intense and upsetting. But the beauty is that these pain points can change. What feels totally uncomfortable one moment can become totally pleasurable the next! Pain points don't always show up in a tantric massage for women. Perhaps the experience will simply be deeply relaxing for you or very ecstatic and pleasurable. Whatever you want to feel is welcome.

Discover the magic of the G-spot

Many women come to me who know that the G-area exists, but can't say exactly where it is and what the stimulation feels like. I would be delighted to show you this sensual area, which is definitely worth exploring, in a dynamic tantric massage for women. The tissue of the G-area becomes larger and larger with targeted stimulation and really swells. You will also hear how your yoni becomes "jucier" and more moist.

If I stimulate the G-area more intensely, at some point you will get the feeling that you urgently need to go to the toilet. As you will most likely be reluctant to pee on my futon in the tantric massage studio, you will involuntarily squeeze all the muscles you have. The key to G-spot stimulation, however, is to consciously release these muscles.

Believe me, even IF you were to pee on the futon, it wouldn't matter because it's protected by a waterproof pad. You won't empty your bladder when you let go, but you will experience a deeply satisfying vaginal climax that feels very different from a clitoral climax.

A dynamic tantric massage for women is a bold step towards a more fulfilling sexuality and it is completely normal that you are totally excited about it. I will accompany you wholeheartedly on this somatic journey of discovery of your womb space.


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