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Tantric massage Hamburg: What time should you choose and what is a feel-good time for couples?

Not sure how long your tantric massage in Hamburg should last? Maybe you're thinking about having the experience together with your partner, but have no idea what a feel-good time for couples is or how it works.

Below I'll explain the differences between the various times and you'll find out more about the feel-good time for couples.

This gives you the opportunity to make the right decision for you regarding the duration of your tantric massage.

Table of contents

For the experienced: 2 hours tantric massage

With the 2-hour package, the pure duration of the tantric massage in Hamburg is 1.5 hours. This time span is relatively short and flies by. I get relatively few requests for the short version. I also check carefully whether the person would be better off with an erotic massage. You can read about the difference between an erotic massage and a tantric massage here.

Nevertheless, I totally understand if someone is short of money or simply wants to feel out whether a tantric massage is the right thing for them. This can also be the right length of time for people with very little time or a lot of experience with tantra massages.

Logically, the individual parts of a short tantra massage are shorter and you may feel as if 10 minutes have passed. During a tantric massage, you usually forget space and time and float in a trance-like state.

People who have enjoyed the 2-hour tantric massage package in Hamburg almost always book a longer session the next time. However, if you are someone who can switch off very quickly and are simply curious about the experience, you can simply try this short version of the tantric massage.

Summary: Who is the 2-hour tantric massage suitable for?

  • People with a smaller budget

  • People with very little time

  • Very critical people who want to try it out first

  • People who are primarily interested in sexual relaxation (although I prefer to send these people for an erotic massage)

  • People who are passing through and have a tight schedule

For beginners & connoisseurs: 2.5-hour tantric massage Hamburg

The 2.5-hour tantric massage is the most popular. During this time, you can definitely relax more deeply than in the shorter version because the individual parts of the tantra massage are longer.

In the first part of the tantric massage in Hamburg, I will pamper you from head to toe, which can feel quite unusual. We are not at all used to being worshipped in our culture. At the same time, this part creates a special atmosphere and takes you out of your everyday life, which is extremely soothing.

Afterwards, there is enough time to get you completely out of your head and into your body. I use various utensils to create different sensory impressions and sooner or later you will relax deeply.

Now you are ready for the yin-yang massage with warm, fragrant oil. This energy massage gets your energy flowing again and balances your masculine and feminine sides. I also incorporate elements from the healing art of Cantor Holistic Touch, which go very deeply and can have a lasting effect for up to a week. I work on many different energetic levels so that you get the best possible benefit from the tantric massage.

The last part of the tantric massage in Hamburg is the yoni or lingam massage, where I lovingly include your genitals from the very beginning. In the tantric massage, your yoni or lingam belongs to you as naturally as any other part of your body.

Summary: Who is the 2.5-hour tantric massage suitable for?

  • You want to have the complete experience and forget about time

  • It is your first tantric massage

  • You have experienced unpleasant things.

Tantric massage for couples: Feel-good time

In a feel-good time for couples, the focus is on one of you. Incidentally, it's not just couples who come to me for a feel-good time for couples, but also friends who get on well together.

The partner who is not the focus has various options:

  1. You decide that you want to be completely passive and just watch. In this case, you sit down and just watch.

  2. You would like to massage your partner and support me in a suitable place. In this case, I will guide you subtly and your partner will enjoy a 4-hand massage from time to time.

  3. Your partner is clearly the focus, but you would also like to receive a few strokes. In this case, I will involve you whenever it suits. Nevertheless, the focus is clearly on your partner.

When is a feel-good time for couples suitable?

  • You are insecure and feel safer when your partner is present.

  • You have an open relationship or are generally very open and jealousy-free in your relationship

  • You simply enjoy having this special experience together

  • One of you wants to expand your portfolio of touches and simply see what a tantric masseuse does. This can enrich your love life in the long term

When is a feel-good time for couples not recommended?

  • It tends to make you feel insecure if your partner is present during such an intimate experience

  • You are very jealous and most likely cannot stand your partner being touched by someone else in front of you

  • You have never talked to your partner about a tantric massage before and have no idea how he or she will react to the surprise

  • A threesome ritual can be a wonderful and deeply enriching experience. This depends entirely on your couple dynamic.

How long should I book for a feel-good time for couples?

A feel-good time for couples can last 2.5 or 3 hours. The pure tantric massage lasts either 1.5 hours or 2 hours. An additional hour is planned for a detailed preliminary talk, the shower and enough time for your individual conclusion to the ritual. If the focus is on your partner, I recommend the 3-hour package in any case, because female pleasure needs more time.


Please take my recommendations as a guide only and trust your intuition as to the right duration for a tantric massage in Hamburg. Some people can let themselves go within the first 5 minutes, while others need much longer.

No matter how long the experience lasts: I will bathe you in love from head to toe during the tantric massage in Hamburg and you will leave our encounter feeling nourished for the long term.



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