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Tantric massage versus erotic massage

You have always wondered what is the difference between an erotic massage and a tantric massage?

Many people think it is the same, but it is not. I often turn down requests because I feel that the person is better off with an erotic massage.

Personally, tantric massage is sacred to me and I would never offer erotic massages - but of course that is up to each masseur and masseuse.

What happens during an erotic massage?

In an erotic massage, as in a tantric massage, your whole body is massaged from head to toe. Special attention is paid to the genitals.

Erotic massages are often booked by men who are looking for relaxation. It's less about worshipping your whole essence, and more about the quick satisfaction of your lust.

Consequently, an erotic massage only lingers for a short time, while the tantric massage usually goes much deeper due to its special structure.

With the erotic massage your desire is in focus

When the erotic massage comes to an end, the masseuse or masseur will usually do everything to make you climax.

This may well be in your interest - but you may also feel very pressured by this, because as a man you feel you absolutely have to have an ejaculation.

If you look around on websites that offer erotic massages, you will often see lightly dressed women in provocative lingerie that hides their faces. The body is clearly the focus.

Often the team consists of many different personalities, which you can choose according to your individual taste.

Erotic massage as a prelude to other services

The erotic massage is much more about the appearance of the masseuse or masseur than the tantric massage, where the focus is solely on you as a guest.

Some erotic masseuses are open about other services, so sexual acts are not basically excluded, as is the case with a serious tantric massage.

Pay attention to quality in erotic massages

Erotic massages are often offered without any special educational background or further training - therefore, you should not expect too much in terms of massage techniques, keeping a safe space, hygiene rules, etc.

You may find yourself with an erotic masseuse or masseur who has not learned this profession, but simply acquired it.

Of course, there are also black sheep in tantric massages, which is why you should check whether the professional background is listed on the homepage. Training that goes over several years, logically have a different quality than weekend courses.

Conclusion: Erotic massage

If you are only interested in quick relaxation, you are better off with an erotic massage than with a tantric massage.

This is also true if you are interested in other erotic services and you are primarily interested in the appearance of the masseuse or masseur.

What is the difference between a tantric massage and an erotic massage?

For me personally, a tantric massage goes much deeper than an erotic massage. You are honored by me in your entire essence and can experience sexuality in a completely new way.

I open a safe space where you feel protected, loved and secure.

Any pressure regarding erection or not, desire or not and other insecurities can completely fall away from you.

In the tantric massage you can experience sexuality in a new way.

It is not at all important for the tantric massage whether you as a man have an erection or not, for example, because in my eyes our normal sexuality is pressured enough.

It is enormously important to me that you can enter new sexual spaces during my tantric massage, where you don't have to perform or do anything at all and perhaps experience the magic of unintentional touch for the first time ever.

Of course, your desire is welcome in a tantric massage, but I will never force a climax.

Instead, I follow the flow of energy: if your energy goes up, that is, your desire rises, I support that - if it subsides again, I support that too.

This play with energy can take place over a longer period of time and possibly end in a much more intense climax.

But maybe it's also the turn of a deep relaxation or old issues can finally dissolve. Whatever wants to happen, may happen.

The tantric massage has no goal

Basically, tantric massage focuses on purposeless touch and worship of your complete essence and has no goal.

This is totally liberating and allows you to completely re-experience yourself as a sexual and sensual being.

Tantric massage is exclusively about you and not about me as a tantric masseuse. While it is quite normal that you may seek physical contact as your arousal increases, the focus remains clearly on you and you do not need to give anything back to me.

A tantric massage is clearly defined

In the serious tantric massages that I offer, any kind of other services are excluded and can also not be booked by a financial compensation.

I hold sacred the tantric massage and the protected, safe space it creates.

Often people come to me who have suffered sexual abuse, trauma and other unpleasant experiences.

In an erotic massage, these issues would be completely out of place, while a tantra massage can be a first step toward healing.

You will be bathed in love from head to toe

In the first part of the tantric massage, you are worshipped in your entire essence from head to toe. Now worship is something that can feel quite foreign in our society - at the same time it is extremely beneficial and reaches deeper layers of your being.

I create a space that is far away from everyday life. This initial part is sacred to me and I believe that this is what creates a space where deeper experiences of ecstasy and healing are possible.

Feel your body and forget your thoughts

The second part of the tantric massage is for you to deeply relax and finally get out of your head. Through different sensory impressions you can't help but switch off and perceive your body in a completely new way.

Feel how all your senses awaken and you can let go of your excitement, fears, shame, etc. more and more. When you are really relaxed, I start with a Yin-Yang-Massage with warm oil.

Enjoy an energizing Yin-Yang-Massage

I consciously follow the energy pathways in your body and involve different meridian points. The goal of the massage is to get your energy flowing and your polarities balanced.

Your genitals are included from the beginning in a mindful and loving way. In the last part of the tantric massage I distribute your sexual energy throughout your body.

As you come into your pleasure, you will notice that the slow build-up of energy will make any climax feel much more intense.

Emotions can also come up during the tantric massage. All your sexual insecurities, issues and fears are welcome and you will be adored and bathed in love from head to toe.

Conclusion: Tantra massage

You've come to the right place for a tantric massage if you want a full-body experience that goes deeper than a mere pleasure mining session.

Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to be spiritual for a tantric massage - just curious to experience sexuality in a safe space with clearly defined boundaries.

Erotic massage or tantric massage?

If you are someone who often goes to a brothel or consumes a lot of porn, you are usually better off with an erotic massage.

However, if you are looking for a holistic experience with a high standard of quality and hygiene, where you can rediscover yourself as a sensual and sexual being, I recommend a serious tantric massage.

Also in case of traumatic experiences, sexual abuse, erectile dysfunction or other sexual problems I recommend you a tantric massage.



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