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What is a Tantric Massage?

Aktualisiert: 28. Sept. 2023

A professional Tantric Massage is a beautiful worship for your whole body and soul.

Every Tantra Massage is a piece of art with sensual touch all over your body, including your intimate areas.

The massage of the Lingam (male genitals) or Yoni (female genitales) activates erogenous zones and offers a lot of sensations in your body.

It´s common that people tell me afterwards, that they have never been touched as empathetic and loving before. There are absolutely no expectations and no pressure – you can simply relax and enjoy all the sensual sensations all over your body.


A Tantric Massage is a deep experience

Because the Tantric Massage is such an enriching and profound experience, it´s possible that you experience a lasting change in your attitude towards your body and your sexuality.

Boundaries dissolve and it feels like you are floating, detached from the common sense of time. It´s an empowering experience with the opportunity, to get to know your own body in a new way.

A good Tantric Massage feels like a love shower all over your body and you will feel deeply nourished and loved.

For many people it is the first time in their lives to experience completely unintentional touch.

In normal life most people only get touched at their genitals in order to awakening the desire or to increase and expand the pleasure. This can create a lot of pressure, because we won´t feel good if our bodies doesn´t respond like expected.

Sexuality is a huge topic in our society, and everyone craves for a deeply fulfilling, passionate love life. Despite of this it´s totally common that people have lost their passion and desire, especially in long-term monogamous relationships.

Awaken your sensuality with a Tantric Massage

A Tantric Massage is a beautiful way to get back to your own sensuality and to explore sexuality in a totally new way. It will nourish you on a deep level and can reawake your passion and desire.

To have the time and space to fully surrender and enjoy, without any responsibility to give something in return, is a beautiful and empowering experience.

The roles in a professional Tantric Massage are very clear: The guest is passive, and the Tantric Masseuse is active.

It´s a safe space where all boundaries are well honored, and you don´t have to expect any crossing of your boundaries. Enjoy the feeling of totally losing your sense of time and being fully awake and present in the moment.

Tantric Massage for Women

There is a chance for healing in many aspects during a professional Tantric Massage. As woman we have stored a lot of emotions, pain and experiences with past lovers or even maybe childbirth in our womb.

Every sexual encounter we experienced in which our yoni wasn´t already open yet is part of our trauma and can lead to blocked energies and a lack of lust.

In Tantric Massage I worship your yoni with a deep sense of love and respect. For me it´s a holy temple and that´s the way I treat her. You don´t have to decide if you want to be touched from the inside or only from the outside.

Your yoni will tell me without misconception what she wants. But obviously it´s also totally fine if you don´t want to be touched in your intimate areas.

Tantric Massage for Men

As man it´s important to know that there is no goal in Tantric Massage. So rather or not you have an erection, it just doesn´t matter.

Of course, I will follow the energy in order to support your lust and ejaculation is also welcome – but it´s also totally fine if there is no erection at all. You´re also welcome if you suffer from sexual dysfunctions like premature ejaculation.

For me your lingam is divine and I´m offering him my full presence and loving touch. In Tantric Massage all emotions are welcome. We go together on a journey and will see what wants to be released or experienced.

It´s a safe space and there is no sexual intercourse, kissing or you touching me in intimate areas included.

Where does the Tantric Massage take place?

The Tantric Massage takes place in a comfortable, warm room at a futon on the floor. The delicious fragrance of organic etherical oils, the warm candlelight and spheric music will lead you immediately to a sensation of deep relaxing.

There is nothing to do expect for surrender and enjoy the unintentional art of touch.

There´s nothing to give back to me or to do: Just deeply relax, allow yourself to breathe deeply and listen to the subtle sensations in your whole body when the energy is starting to flow.

I allow my intuition to tune into your whole being and to decide what serves you best. I will gentle touch your whole body from head to toe.

Different parts of Tantric Massage

In the first part of the Tantric Massage, I will worship your divine essence. It´s totally normal that you maybe feel uncomfortable – in our civilization we´re just not used to be admired.

I invite you to allow all feelings and gently feel into your heart. Maybe you realize that a deep part of you was craving this loving attention, without you even knew about it.

This opening ritual creates a save container in which deep transformation and healing is possible. After that there is plenty of time to bring your awareness from your head into your body. It´s totally normal that you are maybe exited, anxious, nervous or stressed.

We´re normally not used to be naked and be touched intimately by a stranger. But I promise you, the whole setting is just created to allow you to deeply surrender and empowering you to letting go of everything which no longer serves you.

Energy awakening Yin-Yang-Massage

You will experience plenty of different sensations all over your skin, which feels totally exciting but also deeply relaxing. In the third part of the Tantric Massage, I will pour warm organic oil all over your body and gently starting with a Yin-Yang-Massage.

This type of Massage allows the energy in your body to flow freely. It also works on the polarities and brings your yin (female) and yang (male) parts in balance. I press different meridian acupressure points and you will experience different qualities of touch.

Intimate & Sensual Massage

The last part of the Tantric Massage is the massage of your intimate areas, even if you experience loving touch there right from the beginning. In Tantra the genitals are as equal important and “normal” than the rest of your body.

During the Tantric Massage I will also figure out whether your anal region is an erogenous zone or not. Of course, you can also talk to me in the beginning, if you´re keen to explore anal or prostate massage.

Take your time after Tantric Massage

After the Tantric Massage there will be some time just to soak in all the different emotions and feelings in your body. I will leave you alone for a couple of minutes and bring you some hot tea and some sweets.

Take your time and enjoy a warm shower afterwards. There is no need to talk or to express your feelings. After the Tantric Massage you probably feel deeply nourished, soft and relaxed and your senses are very open.

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