What is a Tantric Massage?

Aktualisiert: 15. Mai 2021

A professional Tantric Massage is a beautiful worship for your whole body and soul.

Every Tantra Massage is a piece of art with sensual touch all over your body, including your intimate areas.

The massage of the Lingam (male genitals) or Yoni (female genitales) activates erogenous zones and offers a lot of sensations in your body.

It´s common that people tell me afterwards, that they have never been touched as empathetic and loving before. There are absolutely no expectations and no pressure – you can simply relax and enjoy all the sensual sensations all over your body.

A Tantric Massage is a deep experience

Because the Tantric Massage is such an enriching and profound experience, it´s possible that you experience a lasting change in your attitude towards your body and your sexuality.

Boundaries dissolve and it feels like you are floating, detached from the common sense of time. It´s an empowering experience with the opportunity, to get to know your own body in a new way.

A good Tantric Massage feels like a love shower all over your body and you will feel deeply nourished and loved.

For many people it is the first time in their lives to experience completely unintentional touch.

In normal life most people only get touched at their genitals in order to awakening the desire or to increase and expand