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Terms and Conditions

Dear Client,

I'd like to explain the general working agreements to you, as mandated by my professional association (BfG in the German Society for Alternative Medicine). These agreements adhere to current legal regulations and are designed to support you in finding and actively pursuing your paths to health. Based on my qualifications and experience, I assist you in developing your abilities, with a primary focus on promoting relaxation and vitality.

To achieve this, I employ suitable methods from the following areas:

  • Client-oriented counseling and conversation techniques

  • Breath and bodywork

  • Massage

  • Cantor Holistic Touch

Principles of our collaboration: As a health practitioner, I uphold the principles of personal responsibility and free choice. You determine the extent to which you wish to participate in experiences and exercises. This principle also means that if you have psychological or physical conditions or disabilities, you should consult with specialists beforehand and adjust your participation accordingly.

While my qualifications include general precautionary measures, they do not include the recognition of specific hazards. Please be aware that even gentle exercises and practices can lead to physical and psychological strain. Despite our caution, reactions and complications may occur, necessitating medical or therapeutic intervention.

It's important to note that I do not diagnose illnesses or provide treatments. Any discussions about illnesses or conditions during our sessions are solely for educational purposes or to clarify their relevance to our health-related work.

Our commitments: The scope of our work will be determined during an initial consultation, and current fees are listed on the website. You have the right to terminate our agreement at any time, as do I. If I end our collaboration, you will not incur any costs.


If you terminate prematurely, cancellation fees apply as follows:

  • 50 % during a session

  • 50 % for short notice cancellations before a session, if no replacement appointment is scheduled

  • 50 % of the fees for the sessions falling within the next 10 days if a series is terminated early

As part of our agreement, I adhere to the ongoing education requirements of the BfG for health practitioners. I am happy to provide you with these requirements and the professional code upon request.

I maintain confidentiality regarding the nature and content of our collaboration with third parties.

I look forward to our collaboration!



Gesundheitspraktikerin für Sexualkultur (DGAM)

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