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I really don't enjoy talking on the phone and only do it when absolutely necessary :)

My birthday is on February 17, 1986, and I'm an Aquarius with Taurus rising.

I've been an avid reader my whole life and reading helps me completely unwind. In fact, I can't enter a library without leaving with at least 10 books under my arm - that's why I have to ban myself from bookstores

Good food makes me incredibly happy... so being a food enthusiast suits me perfectly!

I LOVE cookbooks, but I always cook without following a recipe.

Hello, beautiful soul!

I'm Sandra and I understand completely why you'd like to learn more about me. Exploring your sexuality is an intimate journey that requires trust, openness, and courage.

For many years, I've immersed myself in sexuality, Tantra, Tantric massage, and Slow Sex. Through extensive training in sexuality, couples coaching, Tantric massage, spiritual healing arts, and women's healing massage, I've gained deep knowledge which I now passionately share as Gesundheitspraktikerin für Sexualkultur (DGAM).

I grew up in Allgäu, but I've also lived in Augsburg, Oldenburg, Bremen, and Leipzig. In my early thirties, I fulfilled a dream by trading my career in sales for backpacking. For 18 months, I journeyed solo through Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, India, Nepal, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Thailand.

From adventurous hinterland trips to Ashram stays and a Vinyasa Flow yoga teacher training in India, followed by teaching in Darjeeling, I've gathered invaluable experiences.

In 2019, I completed my Kundalini yoga teacher training and received my first Tantric massage. It felt like bathing in love, an experience I wanted to share with others. Shortly after, my training at Diamond Lotus in Berlin further transformed my life.

After five exciting years as a Tantric masseuse in Leipzig, I moved back to my favorite German city, Hamburg, in September 2023 with my partner Daniel Neuhaus

I am now a Sexual Culture Health Practitioner (DGAM) and I delight in guiding and supporting you in exploring and expanding your unique sexual experience.

Touching people with mindfulness and love is profoundly fulfilling to me. I cherish the magic of the moment that arises when I follow my intuition. As a sensitive and empathetic person, I bring a heightened awareness to bodywork and guiding individuals and groups.

It touches my heart deeply to see your soft, relaxed, and peaceful face at the end of our time together.

I look forward to meeting you!



Wasser Welligkeit

Additional trainings

Here's an incomplete overview:

2019 - 2020

Tantric Massage Training
at Diamond Lotus Tantra Institut Berlin

Sacred Sexuality Practitioner Training
with Seani Love, Spitzmühle Berlin

the school of erotic mysteries


Yin-Yang Massage Training

at Diamond Lotus Tantra Institut Berlin


Training as an Evolutionary Relationship Coach Dr. Rouven Schneider


12-week online course

How to Relate Openly

at Embodied Intimacy


ISTA Level 1 + 2 in Malta

International School of Temple Arts


Sacred Sexuality Training in Malta

Ashram of Love


Cobra Breath Inititation · Ipsalu Tantra

Oktober 2021 - Mai 2022

Group Facilitator Yearly Training 

Shachar Caspi & Art of Love School


Training in Reading the Morphogenetic Field · Sandra Weiße


Healing Arts Cantor Holistic Touch · Blaubeerwald


Perlentor - Training in Women's Massage & Sexual Coaching at Nhanga 

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