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Enjoy aimless


Let yourself be bathed in love from head to toe

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As a health practitioner for sexual culture, it is my heartfelt mission to create safe spaces where you can explore and develop your individual sexual experience.

My offerings teach you how to generate more sexual energy (and thus more life energy) for yourself and how to share your sexual desire abundantly with your partner.

In my work, I use methods of consultative, client-centered conversation, breath and bodywork, and massage. Additionally, I incorporate tantric elements and the spiritual healing art Cantor Holistic Touch®, which positively affects the body, chakras, emotions, thoughts, and spiritual realm.

Genital touch is not a sexual act or service but a part of your sexual self-exploration and health-oriented sexual education.

You will not just be touched mindfully; your entire essence will be honored. All your senses will be engaged. Experience aimless touch that opens new realms of feeling and perception, nourishing and touching you on the deepest level.

Together, we embark on an individual journey that can positively influence your relationship with your body and give you access to new bodily sensations.

Instead of following a technical procedure, I immerse myself in the rhythm and flow of your energy, free from any pressure of expectation.

Due to my high sensitivity and the intensive processing of my own traumatic childhood experiences, I maintain very safe spaces and bring a wealth of trauma knowledge.

You are in loving, mindful hands with me, being bathed in love from head to toe.

I look forward to seeing you!


"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
you touch everything.

- Lao Tzu 


What guests are saying

Dear Sandra,

Thank you again for the wonderful moment.

I placed myself trustingly in your magical hands and was finally able to just let go. With your exceptionally calm manner, you provided me with the necessary security for this. I could feel your energy with all my senses and from head to toe.



Offerings & Prices

Here you can find an overview of my current offerings and the corresponding energy exchange.


Offerings for Women

1 | Full body massage

In the full body massage, you nourish your femininity from head to toe. I create a safe space where you can gain new insights about your body.

2 hours: 250 Euro

2.5 hours: 350 Euro

Total duration - the pure massage is

about 30 minutes shorter.

2 | Mirror Session

In the mirror session for women, we lovingly observe your yoni. Additionally, I introduce you to the secrets of the 9 yoni types according to the teachings of Quodoushka. This knowledge creates deep peace with your own genitals.

1.5 hours: 150 Euro

Lächelnder junger Mann


for men

3 | Full body massage

Finally, get out of your head! Enter a state of deep, full-body relaxation and leave the stressful daily life behind. In the full body massage, you will be bathed in love from head to toe.

2 hours: 250 Euro

2.5 hours: 350 Euro

Total duration - the pure massage is

about 30 minutes shorter.


Offerings for


4 | Ritual for Three

One of you will be the focus of the massage, while the other partner supports me as desired or simply observes. Experience the benefits of a four-handed massage while your partner simultaneously gains valuable insights into the art of touch. Here you can find more information.

2.5 hours: 400 Euro

3 hours: 500 Euro

Total duration - the pure massage is

about 60 minutes shorter.

5 | Touch Coaching

Are you looking for fresh ideas to create a deeper connection in your relationship through loving touches? I share my extensive knowledge about the art of touch with you. If desired, I can visit you at your home within Hamburg, so you can be in your familiar surroundings.

5 hours: 950 Euro

Other times available upon request.


Further Training

An incomplete overview

2019 - 2021 | Tantra massage training according to Andro · Diamond Lotus

2021| Training as an Evolutionary Relationship Coach · Dr. Rouven Schneider 

2023 | Healing Arts Cantor Holistic Touch · Blaubeerwald

2024 | Perlentor - Training in Women's Massage & Sexual Coaching bei Nhanga 







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