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Why it's helpful to know your yoni type

I first heard that there are five different types of yoni during my tantric massage training. We women sat down in a circle in the evening and determined our yoni - an experience I truly wouldn't want to miss.

To be honest, I didn't give much thought to what my yoni looked like before. In fact, for years I didn't consciously look at it in the mirror at all - an experience that many women will probably share. It wasn't until I was in my mid-20s, when I consciously started looking at my femininity and sexuality, that I picked up a hand mirror again and took a look at its full splendor.


If you've never looked at your yoni before, I can only encourage you to do so. Take a close look at how it looks when you are not aroused and how its appearance changes when you are in pleasure. The yoni is supplied with blood and changes color.

Depending on which type of yoni you are, you will be able to observe how your Venus lips open like a flower and the delicate tissue becomes visible.

For me as a tantric masseuse, it is always a great gift to be able to experience this change in the yoni live and to see so many beautiful yonis in all their variety and diversity.

Your yoni is just as unique as your face and your breasts. There are many different colors and shapes and even the smell and taste differ.

The 5 yoni types of the Cherokee Indians

The Cherokee Indians have worked out five different types of yoni anatomy in a complex system. This system has also been known in Europe since the 1980s, thanks to the psychologist and Cherokee medicine man Dr. Harley Swiftdeer Reagan.

Of course, it is easier to determine your own yoni when you are in a circle of women and can therefore see the differences much more clearly. Maybe you can find a few adventurous women in your circle of friends to compare yourself to.

I've sketched the individual yoni types, but as I'm not particularly gifted at drawing, this is just a rough guide..

The characteristics of the 5 yoni types

Below you can find out more about the different characteristics and the characteristic appearance of the yoni types.

The North Woman: North - Air

The Cherokee Indians assign the mental realm to the north. From the balmy summer wind to the dangerous hurricane, the wind can take many forms.

The north stands for fast movements and rapid changes. Air is a symbol for the speed of our thoughts, visions and fantasies.

The Yoni type of the North woman

  • You have excellent mental abilities and are very clear and quick in your thoughts.

  • You often use your imagination to get into your sensuality.

  • As a Northern woman, you love to create your own movie. This can take some time, which is why it's an advantage if your partner stimulates you with a steady rhythm, especially at the beginning.

  • Sudden changes in rhythm are very unpleasant for you as a Northern woman, because you will be torn out of your movie and have to build up the energy again.

Anatomy of the northern woman

  • Striking inner Venus lips that are long and tender

  • When you are standing, your inner Venus lips peek out

  • If you open your yoni carefully, it looks like a butterfly

  • Distance from clitoris to yoni entrance: 1 to 2 transverse fingers

  • Yoni depth: 10 to 12 cm

  • Yoni diameter: approx. 3 cm

Other characteristics of the Northern woman

  • When the G-spot is stimulated, the Northern woman feels the need to go to the toilet more quickly than other yoni types.

  • This yoni type loves to express pleasure with her voice.

  • An orgasm goes from explosive to implosive waves before they become lighter and lighter and finally subside completely.

  • As a Northern woman, your body initially reacts strongly to your movements and your voice before the energy turns inwards and you become calmer and calmer.

The Eastern Woman: East - Fire

The element of fire is hot and represents light and warmth. If you light a fire in the oven, it burns brightly before it collapses and sparks again shortly afterwards. The Indians associate fire with the movement of energy.

The yoni type of the Eastern woman

In keeping with the element of fire, the Eastern woman's yoni is hot and relatively dry even when she is aroused.

Anatomy of the Eastern woman

  • Your inner Venus lips are smaller than the outer Venus lips

  • The inner lips of Venus are very tender and delicate

  • Your clitoris is close to the entrance to the yoni

  • If your clitoris is not completely exposed, it is usually only covered by a small hood

  • Your G-spot is relatively close to the yoni entrance

  • Yoni depth: 17 to 20 cm

  • Yoni diameter: approx. 2.5 cm

Other characteristics of the Eastern woman

  • As an Eastern woman, all your pleasure points are relatively close together.

  • This can lead to you quickly becoming overexcited and therefore preferring to get straight to the point rather than enjoying a long foreplay.

  • With the Eastern woman, pleasure, arousal and pain are very close together.

  • When you have a climax, it is very explosive and usually happens several times in a row.

The southern woman: South - Water

Water has always been associated with feelings and emotions. It has no form of its own, but it can take on any form, think for example of the power of a raging mountain stream or the depth of the ocean.

You may have noticed that it takes a while to get out of certain feelings. This is because water moves much more slowly than air.

The Southern woman's yoni type

  • As a Southern woman, it is essential for you to feel connected to your partner before you open up. This requires a long, sensitive foreplay.

  • As your element is water, your yoni is always relatively wet. However, this alone is not yet a sign of pleasure, which you absolutely must communicate to your partner.

Anatomy of the southern woman

  • Characterized by a long, smooth shaft that merges into the hood that covers your clitoris

  • Your inner clitoral lips are fine, smooth and smaller than your outer clitoral lips

  • The distance between the yoni entrance and clitoris is 2 to 3 transverse fingers long

  • Yoni depth: 12 to 17 cm

  • Yoni diameter: approx. 3 cm

Other characteristics of the Southern woman

  • As a southern woman, your G-spot is relatively deep in your yoni.

  • An orgasm can be very emotional for you and tears often flow. These do not necessarily indicate sadness - they can also simply be an expression of your love and connection or your joy.

  • Basically, for you as a Southern woman, a climax feels like implosive-explosive waves, meaning that you first come into strong contact with your emotions and then you show your partner what's going on inside you.

The West Woman: West - Earth

The earth represents your physical body and your sensuality. The more you are rooted in yourself, the more you are in harmony with the cycles of nature.

You are balanced, calm and trust the flow of life. Of all the elements, the earth is the slowest, which you can also observe in the leisurely change of the seasons.

The yoni type of western woman

  • You are a sensual woman who loves to be touched.

  • In order to come into your pleasure, you first need to really get into your body, for example by dancing wildly or being massaged from head to toe.

Anatomy of the western woman

  • Your inner labia minora are thick, wrinkled and fleshy

  • Your clitoris is protected by a strong, tent-like hood

  • 2 to 3 transverse fingers fit between your clitoris and your yoni entrance

  • Yoni depth: 8 to 10 cm

  • Yoni diameter: 5 to 7 cm

Other features of the western woman

  • Your G-spot is about 3 cm inside your yoni.

  • When you have an orgasm, you react with your whole body and move violently.

  • Your climax feels like an earthquake with lots of implosive waves.

  • As a western woman, you need a lot of touch and direct physical contact.

The center woman

As a center woman, you stand in the middle of the circle and move in one or more directions, depending on your disposition.

As a rule, you love long foreplay with direct stimulation and you can also get a lot out of a vibrator.

It is difficult to describe the center woman because you can assume the characteristics of the other types.

Anatomy of the center woman

  • Normally you have small inner Venus lips, but they can also resemble a butterfly (northern woman) or be fleshy (western woman)

  • Your yoni is usually moist

  • The distance between the clitoris and yoni entrance is 3 to 4 transverse fingers

  • Yoni diameter: approx. 2.5 cm

Other characteristics of the center woman

  • As your G-spot is quite deep, it is sometimes not so easy to find.

  • As a center woman, you either dance clearly in one direction or take up any position in a circle.

  • It may well be that you don't feel much in the missionary position. Simply slide a pillow under your pelvis so that your G-spot can be touched more easily.

Involve your partner in the knowledge of the yoni types

If your partner was previously with a woman who had a different yoni type to you, this can lead to misunderstandings.

As a Western woman, for example, you need a lot of touching and direct physical contact. If your partner was with a Southern woman before you, he or she will have gotten into the habit of keeping foreplay relatively short to avoid overstimulation.

Only clear communication will help here. Have the courage to communicate your desires and what you need for your pleasure and allow your partner to do the same.


I find it very helpful to know about the different types of yoni. Nevertheless, it's just a model and you don't have to find yourself 100% in it.

No matter what type of yoni you have: Your yoni is unique and beautiful just the way it is.


Doris Christinger: On the wings of femininity - Piper Verlag

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